Wizz Air Does Not Suck

By deciding to fly to Vilnius with the little known airline Wizzair from Doncaster, we’ve managed to save a few hundred pounds each. The Robin Hood airport as its named is located pretty much in the middle of nowhere, somewhere near Doncaster. I always associated Robin Hood with Nottingham not Doncaster, so I guess the airport steals from the rich and gives to the poor, which might explain how we got a one way flight to Vilnius for £45.


Doncaster loves everything Robin Hood

After reading some terrible reviews about Hungarian based airline Wizzair, we were expecting all sorts of mishaps, from delayed departures and rotten customer service to rickety old air crafts. Surprisingly everything ran smoothly and I would defiantly recommend using Wizzair for their super cheap flights. They’re just like Easyjet really, only they have purple décor and less camp (and less orange) trolley dollies.


After a short flight and a few games of Where’s Wally, we arrived safely in Vilnius. It felt strange not stepping off a plane into sweltering heat, it was almost as if the plane had just flown around for a few hours and landed back in Doncaster, I was just waiting for Jonny Vaughan to jump out and tell me that the whole thing was just one big prank, just like that obscure TV show Space Cadets..


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One thought on “Wizz Air Does Not Suck

  1. harry walker

    Really interesting info, seems you have a natural talent for this stuff.
    Keep it going please.

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