Learning Cyrillic

I have been told on numerous occasions, that I should at least learn the Russian alphabet , this will make life much easier for reading street names, metro stations etc. So I had seven hours to learn the Cyrillic script on the coach from Tallinn to Saint Petersburg. Cyrillic Is derived from the Greek alphabet. It was introduced in Russia on the 10th century via translation of the bible by Greek bishop, Cyril.

Once we got over the Russian border, with nothing else to look at except Russian road signs, this was the perfect time to get some practice in.


Russian road sign approaching St. Petersburg

The staff at the Russian border may I add, were probably the most sour faced, miserable people I have ever met. Border control and passport stampers are generally miserable anywhere in the world, but in Russia if you make eye contact, rumour has it that you turn to stone.


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