Trans-Siberian playlist

The question on everyone’s mind – what on earth do you do on a train for so long? Well it is surprising how fast the time passes, but when all else fails – music. You will hear the odd pretentious traveller say something like ‘why would you want to listen to music on the trans Siberian railway?’. Thankfully I’m not one of those, so I’ve put together this small playlist from my iPod, which I thought went well with the world’s longest train journey and Russia in general. Listen whilst looking out the window at the vast never ending nothingness, or to drown out the sound of snoring and ‘vodka talk’. What would you have on your playlist? Comments welcome!

1. Russian Dance – Tom Waits
2. Trans Europe Express – Kraftwerk
3. Freight Train Blues – Bob Dylan
4. Farmer Labour train – Woody Guthrie
5. Acres Wild – Jethro Tull
6. Englishman in New York – The Police
7. The Wild Hunt – The Tallest Man on Earth
8. Tweeter and the Monkey man – The Travelling Wilburys
9. The Russians Are Coming – Val Bennet
10. Bad Moon Rising – CCR
11. A Forest – The Cure
12. Train to Skaville – Ethiopians
13. Evergreen – Ryan Adams
14. River man – Nick Drake
15. American English – Idlewild
16. Ný Batterí – Sigur Rós
17. Nothing – The Cat Empire

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4 thoughts on “Trans-Siberian playlist

  1. How about a list of culinary delights and disasters you have experienced on your travels…

  2. Russian Dance – Tom Waits
    Yeh! Yeh! Yeh!

  3. Mavis

    Gary it’s wonderful to see the places you have been. I have heard the Great Wall is very tiring I don’t know how you are going to remember what you have seen & the names. You are making the camera work well lots of images, these will stay with you at home and bring the experience back vividly in your mind.
    Keep enjoying yourself and are you working or still working on capital? All well next door your mother missing you so Skype is good but take care you too.

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