Let the Ger Times Roll

Twelve days of little showering, staying with nomadic families and eating goat every day while travelling in an old soviet UAZ, not your typical winter getaway.



The first leg of the trip, takes us towards the Eastern Mongolian steepe, across baron plains, frozen streams and herds of wild horses. Nothing could drag me away.


Along the way we will be sleeping in traditional Mongolian dwellings known as gers (pronounced yert, if you’re from Rothbury then just say, ‘goat’). Gers are simple, round, tent like structures with a wooden frame and a textile exterior that can be assembled and dissembled quickly for the constant movement that comes with the nomadic lifestyle. Very simple inside, the gers consist of a stove in the middle which is used for cooking and warmth. Dried dung is the fuel of choice in Mongolia. Mix the smell of burned dung with the smell of mutton and there you have it, the smell of ger. The only thing a ger lacks is a naughty corner, but I suppose there’s always the naughty steepe…


Tsaagan Suvraga is an area that can be described as ‘badlands’. This eerie, eroded landscape was at one time beneath the sea and is rich with fossils and clam shells. The huge limestone formations stretched for as far as the eye could see, it was also a little bit windy…




Michael Jackson dance moves practice



Inside the gers can get unbelievably cold at night if the stove is not maintained. This was the case on the second night of the trip when I didn’t sleep, just waited, Chuck Norris would be proud. Now I know why these nomads are always moving around, brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘cold feet’.

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