The Land Of The Blue Sky

As the UAZ headed into Southern Mongolia, the landscape became abode of snow from a blizzard a few days previous. Although still incredibly clear, it’s no surprise Mongolia is nicknamed ‘ The Land Of The Blue Sky’. Passing through tiny ‘middle of nowhere’ towns, I witnessed some rural Mongolian life and wasn’t sure which direction we were heading. In a world where smart phones and Facebook rule, this is one of the few places I’d felt completely off the radar.


A short stay in Dalanzadgad town, then enter the Gobi desert, home to the extremely rare snow leopard. I was informed that the snow leopard is almost as rare as a Mackem in Milan, so decided there’s no point in even trying to spot one…

What we may have a better chance of seeing is one of Mongolia’s mythical creatures, the Death Worm or the Gobi Yeti. The worm is said to reach lengths of 4-5 feet, shoot deadly acid and discharges powerful electricity, I cant help but think of that 80’s B-movie Tremors. The Yeti features in a number of legends, one in which it kidnaps a wrestler. More on Mongolian wrestling later…

We settled for a couple of days at the giant Khongor sand dunes to partake in some camel riding. As usual we ended up with the most disobedient beasts from the herd. Mine in particular defiantly had the hump. If I said left, he said right, if I said go, he was more content on dropping his bait. Thankfully they calmed down and there was no more horse play (or camel play) in the afternoon.




Another windy afternoon stop off at the shamanic flaming cliffs, or Bayanzag in Mongolian, was the classic desert surrounding of complete emptiness. I wondered if it was an Aussie who coined the name of this prehistoric archeological site ‘here mate, come and check out these flaming cliffs!’.



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One thought on “The Land Of The Blue Sky

  1. Seems like a desert, Good you are OK. Greeting from Estonia!!!

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