Zucker Beach

The problem with visiting somewhere as remote as Sibuyan, is that it’s always going to be a quest getting to the next destination. We were able to catch the twice weekly bangka to Roxas on Panay island. I wondered why there was a placed called Roxas on many of the Filipino Islands, the name Roxas refers to Manual Roxas, the first president of the Philippines as an independent nation, he is to the Philippines as George Washington is to the US. A bangka by the way is a small wooden boat with stabilisers (try this, stick your index fingers in either side of your mouth and pull your cheeks apart while saying bangka, see what happens). Anyway, after five rough hours of holding onto the roof of the boat we arrived at Roxas, dripping wet and feeling like a drunken sailor, but I could think of worse ways to spend my Monday morning.

Typical small bangka

A bumpy and cramped ride in the back of a mini bus followed to the Provincial capital of Iloilo, where we spent the night. The following day up at the crack of dawn to board the first speedboat to Bacolod, Negros Island. That was followed by a five hour public bus, quick tricycle ride, a two minute paddle through the tidal river in a tiny wooden raft then a difficult climb over the razor sharp rocks to finally arrive at our destination, Sugar Beach.


Sugar Beach, or Langub Beach to the locals, gets its name from the booming sugar trade present on Negros, making it the Philippines’ wealthiest island. Confussingly it seemed like we were not in the Philippines at all, but more like a hot and tropical German länder due to the influx of Deutsch speakers, who flock here in their droves. You’ve got more chance of getting a frankfurter or some Swiss chocolate than any fish and chips, and if you want a sun lounger, make sure you have a can of Carling and a pretty good throw. Click here


Wor Billet

The overall atmosphere of Sugar Beach wasn’t great if you ask me. But the odd game of volleyball, (or wolleyball as it’s called in these parts) a swim, eating my favourite Filipino dish chicken adobo, and generally having a beachy old time was good enough for me, the only worthwhile sight here being the unbelievable sunsets…



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One thought on “Zucker Beach

  1. Angela Carlaw

    Hi Gary, Been speaking your Mum tonight, she totally forgot I’ve been to the Phillipines. I loved it, people very friendly, the pictures of the beaches bring back many memories, soft a talcum powder. Loving Like the Wheels, keep it up. Angie

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