Ten Great Cities

It’s not easy doing nothing on Sugar beach. When lying in a hammock all day sometimes boredom can set in, even for the best of us. I was recently asked ‘what is your favourite city?’ after
much debate I have decided to put together a list of my top 10 great cities which I have visited. This is all personal opinion and I’m sure this list will change in due course, but here it goes. What would be in your top 10?

10. Edinburgh, Scotland

Stepping off the train at Haymarket station to the sound of bagpipes, you
defiantly know you’re North of the border. Kilts, haggis’, castles, shortbread, tartan, Robbie bloody Burns! Edinburgh reeks everything Scotland!


9. Kandy, Sri Lanka

This holy hill station surrounded by tea plantations, has a much more laid back feel than the nation’s capital Colombo. Riddled with colonial and Buddhist history, Kandy is a great place to explore in a few days. Just watch out for the terminator rickshaw driver…

Kandy War Cemetery

8. Casablanca, Morocco

Overlooked by travellers by the favoured Marrakech, Casablanca could easily be mistaken for a series of Parisian walkways. With a drinking strip to rival South Shields, Casablanca can defiantly be the beginning of some beautiful friendships…


7. Vilnius, Lithuania

My favourite of the Baltic capitals, Vilnius is not yet ruined by the British stag dos, throwing up and pissing all over the streets. This city of churches serves up excellent, cheap beer and great food. What’s not to love about a city with dodgem buses?!


6. Sydney, Australia

‘Sydney, the poofter capital of Australia!’ to quote backpacker slaughtering lunatic Mick Taylor, has the nightlife to rival anywhere in the world and beautiful beaches only a boomerang throw away. From ‘Country Bondi’ to Wollongong, Sydney has something for everyone.

Taking part in the annual Sydney Mardi Gras

5. Beijing, China

If you can get past the thick layer of smog, Beijing’s history is unlike anywhere in the world. This thriving metropolis may have lost some of its old character as we move along with the times. But thankfully there is still plenty of it out there to concrete Beijing’s place in my top five.


4. Hong Kong

The British Empire handed Hong Kong back to China in 1997. I wish they hadn’t. There’s something around every corner in a modern day ‘melting pot’ which good is enough to rival the capital of its founding father. There’s nothing Pete Tong with Hong Kong…


3. Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Charms, charms, charms… I’m all about charms. Saint Petersburg has so many charms it may as well be in Ireland. Beautiful architecture, stunning canals, lovely people…and many more. If Peter the Great was still here I’d buy him a vodka, or ten…


2. Mumbai, India

I’l never forget the moment I arrived in Mumbai for the first time. The chaos going on around me was an unexpected culture shock at first, but from that moment I fell in love with India and travelling. There’s so many things going on in Mumbai, dozens of secret temples, Bollywood, trendy nightlife, huge cricket arenas, laughing meditation ashrams, mysterious holy men hiding in the enormous Divali slum. Mumbai is not for everyone, but if you like it, you will never get bored of going back.


1. Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.

Areet, I surpose this is a bias approach. The Toon has it all, super friendly locals, the best nightlife in England (if not Europe) apparently, a Greggs bakery around every corner, a football team that havn’t won anything for 40 + years but still has the most passionate supporters, world famous Broon Ale, Homeless Jimmy’ R.I.P, Fenwicks window, Gazza, Ant and Dec, the way the newspaper vendors shout ‘chronicurrrllleee!’, Geordie Shore, woooaaaa Shola Ameobi, stoti kyeks and of course the world’s largest half marathon the Great North Run, the annual event where you can go and laugh at your mates being overtaken by a giant banana. All these reasons and many more is why Newcastle tops my list of great world cities.

Courtesy of Emily Corr ūüôā

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