Bangla Rambla

Cox’s bazar is Bangladesh’s ‘premier’ holiday resort and the world’s longest beach. It definitely won’t win any awards for the nicest beach, but was decent enough for a sunset stroll. The only attraction, apart from ourselves, was the corpse of a risso dolphin which had sadly washed up on the sand. The Bangladeshi holiday makers loved having their photos taken with the dead sea mammal like it was a famous land mark, there’s one for the photo collection…


This is how you relax in Cox’s bazar

Cox’s bazar 2013 holiday snaps

Travel plans were severely disrupted yet again when our train was running 10 hours late after an earlier train completely derailed, Bangladeshi transport doesn’t have a very good safety record.

Child labour in Bangladesh has controversially been brought into the spotlight in recent years. I met the world’s youngest bus conductor…

In Ramadan, the more wealthy population have a tendency to be extra generous to the poor. As you’d expect, beggars are even more persistent at this time. During our journey to Srimangal I had an old man stroking my hair for a full 10 minutes. I’m not going to lie, I actually quite enjoyed it…

Give a man two taka, and he’ll take your compadre!

Srimangal is known as the tea capital of Bangladesh, and was a half good opportunity to escape the crowds. Scottish tea makers Finlay’s swapped Glasgow for Bangladesh in the early 1900s to set up their huge estates. The Bengali workforce used to be payed in special coins that could only be spent at the tea estates to stop the employees sending money back to their families, a complete exploitation of basic human rights which is still questionable today in Bangladesh…

Tea Picker



Some more tea estate staff

At only 70m above sea level, the tea grown in Srimangal has a unique taste, but not as unique as the bonkers 7 layer tea. Each of the 7 layers, mystically piled on top of each other, all have their own taste. A little sickly, but has its novelty value…

7 layer tea with flies

Snake charmer on the streets of Srimangal

Lawacherra national park is a nice patch of greenery in the area, I came here to try and catch a glimpse of the endangered Hoolock gibbons. Unlike Bangladeshi people, the hoo-hoo-hoolock gibbons don’t follow westerners everywhere, so you’ve got a better chance of seeing one in the thoroughly depressing mini zoo back in the town…


You will find plenty of not so deadly Orb spiders

With all the talk of Newcastle’s desperate need of a new striker, I’ve found the man for the job right here in Srimangal. I’d make a better director of football than Joke Kinnear…


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