About Like The Wheels

My name is Gary Lee Walker, I’m from a small village in Northern England where time has almost frozen still and everybody knows your name. I was dropped on my head as a child and I played my own games. I’ve grown up feeling jaded with the expectancies of modern day conventions. People think I’m weird because I go galavanting around Africa on my own for months at a time, I think they’re weird for going on a week long holiday to Mallorca. If one life is all we have to to make the most of this opportunity we’ve been given, I want to look back on mine only regret the things I didn’t do.

LIKE THE WHEELS is one man’s interesting take, on a very intriguing world…


6 thoughts on “About Like The Wheels

  1. Michael

    Fantastic reading Gaz ,ur my inspiration to travel ,called into Sta travel yest and want to see far east then Australia ,keep up the dialogue mate ,best wishes to u both .Michael

    • Thanks Michael. Sometimes can be cheaper to book flights on your own as you go. Very cheap budget airlines for in and around Asia. For example 30quid for a three hour flight from Manila to Kuala Lumper. Have a look on Skyscanner for some ideas of prices. If you need any help for your trip let me know 🙂

  2. Enjoy reading your blog, and your vision. Keep it up! 🙂 Love from the Philippines!

    • Thank You! The price could be the same for all, it’s only us who are stupid enough to pay it! If you want to see whale sharks I would recommend going elsewhere. The price would be the same if not more but in a more natural environment. You can dive with them in Donsol, Southern Leyte, and in the last few weeks they have been spotted around Panglao Island.

  3. darren david meyrick

    What id really like to no is, ya seen any hairy lamposts ?

    • Of all the things I’ve seen, not one hairy lamppost, they must be native to Shields only…

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