Free Ticket To Riga

A four hour coach journey took us from Vilnius to Riga, it was like driving through the middle of nowhere with the odd wooden hut sporadically placed along the route.

We were met as we got off at the coach station by our couch surfing host Nadja. And took another bus to her neighbourhood, Adazī. Where we met her boyfriend Reinis.


We started the day by eating some delicious pastries in a bakery in town, before heading for the zoo or the zō.
We saved quite a bit of money by jumping the trams, and were gunna play the “Ah, I thought you bought a ticket off the inspector” card, if ever he got on. Luckily for us though, he didn’t.
The zoo was cool, with lots to see. I especially liked the ‘Tropical’ section. With little turtles swimming about, and frogs of all colours. However the arachnid and insect section made my skin crawl, now I can sympathise with how Dean Gaffney must’ve felt that time in the jungle…


It was a nice afternoon so we sat in a park and watched Latvian Life walk by. Some people have a strange dress sense.

We met up with our hosts again and sampled some local cuisine. Before heading to a Jazz Cafe. Which was surprisingly good. They even introduced a tap dancer for some of their songs. Some lyrics were a little ropey though, like rhyming ‘goodbye’ with ‘apple pie’ in one song, ha.


To say thank you for letting us stay with them, we decided to cook for Nadja & Reinis. We bought our ingredients from the local market. I’ve never seen as many fresh fruit and veg stalls in one place.



Busker in Riga old town


definitely preferred Vilnius to Riga, I think it had a much nicer vibe in the old town. Riga has a strip of bars serving English breakfast and prostitutes, and is somewhat on its way to being spoiled by us throwing up all over the streets and pissing on their freedom monument,  crying shame. 

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